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                     All Pictures (c) Michael Milan. Last Update: 17.11.2013 (Düsseldorf Airport updated)


FINAL INFO, 22.10.2017:


*** SORRY, there will be no more updates to my website...too many new airports visited since 2013,

thousands of new photos to sort out and to edit...sorry no time and way too much pictures. ***


I am thinking about creating a Facebook Planespotting site in the near future, where I can put on all my pictures from here

and all the new updates...stay tuned !!!  Thanks for watching !




*** Scroll down for some "Best of" Images... ***


Airbus A380-800 Singapore Airlines, 09/05/10, ZRH

Airbus A330-200 Air Greeland OY-GRN, 06/08/10, CPH

Airbus A320-200 Monarch G-MRJK, 02/07/12, FNC

Boeing 747-400BCF Great Wall Airlines B-2430, 17/05/13, HKG

Lockheed Super Constellation SCFA HS-RSC, 12/07/14, Duxford

Airbus A380-800 Emirates A6-EDF, 27/06/10, LHR

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cubana CU-T1250, 26/08/11, MAD

Freight Ramp at CGN, 03/09/12

F-16C Falcon Turkish Air Force 91-0011, 15/06/12, GKE

Boeing 747-400F KLM Cargo PH-CKC, 05/05/12, AMS

Airbus A340-600 Virgin Atlantic G-FVIZ, 25/08/12, LHR

Airbus A330-200 LTU D-ALPF, 01/05/09, DUS

Airbus Industrie A300-600ST F-GSTC, 27/04/11, XFW

Airbus A330-300 Aer Lingus EI-EDY, 27/07/11, DUB

Antonov AN-124 Volga-Dnepr RA-82044, 16/02/11, DUS

Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa D-AIMG, 12/06/11, FRA

Boeing 707-300 Republic of Mali TZ-TAC, 10/04/09, DUS

Fokker 100 Portugalia Airlines CS-TPE, 02/07/12, FNC

Boeing 747-8F BA World Cargo G-GSSE, 20/02/13, DUS

Antonov AN-12 Meridian UR-CGV, 05/05/12, AMS

Boeing 747-8I Lufthansa D-ABYA, 21/11/12, DUS

Boeing E-3A Sentry NATO LX-N 90451, 20/05/09, GKE

Airbus A330-300 Air China B-6513, 27/03/11, DUS

Boeing 747-400 Aerolineas Argentinas LV-ALJ, 27/08/11, MAD

Boeing 777-300ER Etihad, A6-ETF, 05/05/11, MAN

Iljushin IL-76TD MCHS RA-76362, 20/05/09, GKE

Tupolev TU-154M Aeroflot RA-85644, 18/10/08, DUS

Boeing KC-135 US Air Force AK-8043, 19/08/09, GKE

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCC, 06/08/09, FRA

Lockheed C-5A Galaxy US Air Force 80223, 20/06/10, STR

Boeing 757-200 United N529UA, 17/07/08, ORD

Lockheed L1011-500 Royal Air Force ZD952, 06/06/08, DUS

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      All Pictures (c) Michael Milan. Last Update: 17.11.2013 (Düsseldorf Airport updated)